What is Fuse?

Fuse is a set of user experience development tools that unify design, prototyping and implementation of high quality mobile apps.

In other words: Fuse takes you all the way from idea to deployed app.

Unique Tech Stack

Fuse introduces UX Markup, a declarative-reactive XML-based language for creating native, responsive and smoothly animated interactive components for iOS and Android. UX is easy to learn, fun to write and incredibly powerful.

UX Markup gives you unified access to the three most powerful UI technologies available in phones: each platform's native UI components, ultra-fast OpenGL-based rendering and flexible vector-based graphics, all wrapped in intuitive declarative abstractions.

UX Markup compiles down to C++ for optimal native performance on mobile devices. Fuse is powered by Uno, a lightweight C# dialect that compiles to C++, and has seamless interoperability with Objective-C (iOS) and Java (Android) where needed.

UX Markup components can be dropped into existing native apps, or used to build stand-alone cross-platform apps within Fuse by adding business logic in JavaScript.

Fuse values non-verbosity, reactive programming and expressiveness. Fuse strives to design the most intuitive APIs out there to make UX development accessible to all creatives.

Fuse license

The core Fuse platform is free and open source (MIT license), and has a large and passionate online community. You can develop and deploy any type of project or product you feel like using the free Fuse tools.

Here at Fusetools we also provide Premium tools, components and support for the Fuse Platform.

Get started

Simply download the latest version of Fuse, install it and you're ready to go. It will run on Windows 7 and above, and OS X Yosemite (10.10) and above.

Installation should be a breeze, but if something iffy happens, please let us know!. There are also setup instructions for OS X and Windows, plus uninstall instructions for OS X if you need them.


There are two ways to get support and help:

  • Community support - Post your question on our community forums, and you will likely get a helpful reply from our community, or even someone of Fuse's staff. You can also socialize with other community members on our Fuse Community Slack space.

  • Premium support - If you are using Fuse for an important project, the Fuse team wants to make sure you succeed. Contact us to learn more about premium support.

Let's go!

Depending on your background (experienced coder, rookie coder, experienced design ninja or otherwise), some things will be obvious and some things will be new to you.

A good way to gain an overview is by following our quickstart tutorial. There's also a wide range of ready-to-run examples on our Examples-page, as well as a (constantly growing) list of tutorials on Youtube.

The side-menu covers most topics you'd need to learn Fuse, such as setting up navigation, working with layout, how you animate elements and a whole lot more.

Connect with the Fuse developers and our amazing community in the forums or in the Slack group.

Have fun!

The Fuse team